Terms and Conditions
Fruits & Vegetables

Cometec Ukraine is quality experts in fruits and vegetables all over the globe being a major player on perishable commodities market. Inspection of fruits and vegetables provides protection to the consumer as well as the agricultural industry by assuring that the commodities inspected meet stringent quality guidelines prior to shipment. The Inspection service, to facilitate trade between producer/shipper and wholesale/retail marketers, provides unbiased documentation of size, quality, and condition of fruit and vegetables using internationally recognized standards.

Basic activities:
At loading
  • Condition and verification of vessel’s holds, trucks, containers and other storage facilities
  • Pre-shipment quality cargo inspection
  • Cargo control and verification during pre-shipment of break bulk cargo
  • Quantity verification by counting of pallets and boxes
  • Temperature recorders installation
  • Stowage plan preparation
At discharge
  • Quantity verification by counting of pallets and boxes
  • Class conformity inspection
  • Condition Inspection
  • Damage Survey
  • Inspection of goods in ports, containers, vessel’s holds, cold stores
Container and Quantity Supervision
  • Physical conditions of the container before stuffing and after stripping
  • Examination of the cooling plant
  • Quantity verification by counting pallets and boxes
  • Verification of the packing list/invoice references
  • Temperature recorders installation
  • Sealing of the container