Terms and Conditions

Cometec Ukraine has established a unique network of agricultural experts and accredited laboratories to ensure compliance with contractual terms.

Cometec Ukraine offers professional expertise and accurate testing of agricultural commodities reflected in Quality and Quantity certificates served as essential guarantee of consignment and always allow to keep the Customers on a safe side.

Cometec Ukraine proactive inspection service maximizes control at every link in the supply chain — from hold/tank surveys to loading and discharge supervision.

Basic activities:
  • Pre-shipment / pre-discharge inspection
  • Supervision at loading / transshipment / discharge
  • Monitoring of storage / handling / stowing
  • Supervision during loading into containers / trucks
  • Sampling in accordance with international standards
  • Silo inspection
  • Intake weight and quality control
  • Warehouse inspection
  • Load compartments suitability / cleanliness inspections
  • Tally count of packed goods
  • Weight control on scales
  • Draught survey of vessels, barges and lighters
  • Ullage / gauge survey
  • Analytical testing of goods in accredited laboratories